CubeLogic Targets Smaller Energy & Commodities Firms with CreditExpress

CubeLogic is not just about supplying larger entities in energy & commodities with credit, market and regulatory risk solutions. It also sees an increasing need for smaller and mid-size enterprises in the energy and commodities space to adopt cost-effective solutions and has worked on an approach it calls CreditExpress to deliver that to market. I spoke recently with CubeLogic’s Karl Sees about CreditExpress and the changing dynamics of the credit software marketplace. With all the changes going on in credit software markets in energy and commodities, Karl is upbeat about being able to offer credit and risk solutions to the many smaller entities in the space who desire a solution but often need that to come at a lower cost and with a faster and shorter implementation commitment. Improving its CreditExpress approach is one way in which the vendor is tackling this growing opportunity, he said. CreditExpress “makes use of standard pre-configurations for reference data, business process workflow and reporting using best practices. This allows for  more rapid implementation of the solution at a reduced cost without limiting the functional scope or the future adaptability of the solution to meet changing needs via configuration. Indeed, for some clients – this… continue reading