CubeLogic’s Trade Surveillance Solution Proves Popular

Over the last decade or so, regulatory risk has been a growing concern for those trading various types of commodities as a multitude of new regulations came into force – many with substantial teeth in the form of heavy penalties. One area of regulatory risk software that has emerged over that time is termed ‘trade surveillance’ and this type of software is designed to look at trader behaviors and activities to ensure that it isn’t based on some form of market manipulation or inside information. Increasingly, those charged with this sort of abusive activity face massive fines and tarnished reputations in the case of the trader’s employer. Criminal sanctions and jail time in certain cases are also a possibility. For that reason, many firms have invested in trade surveillance software. However, buyer beware for not all trade surveillance solutions have been created to be equal when it comes to commodities. CubeLogic is one of the leading vendors in the trade surveillance application space in commodities with its CubeWatchTS solution. According to Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory – a specialist regulatory risk analyst firm – “it is one of the widely used solutions in the industry as it was built ground… continue reading