Cubes in the Cloud – CubeLogic Update

Just before the Easter break, I had the opportunity to talk with Lee Campbell, CEO of CubeLogic who told me that CubeLogic has essentially doubled in size over the last 12-months and now has around 55 staff and 25 clients. The company was founded in 2009, with a ‘clear vision to provide out of the box risk and reporting solutions using the latest Business Intelligence platforms and concepts.’ It has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Bangalore. Apparently, business is good as Mr. Campbell also disclose that it had just recently won a couple of new deals. The most recent announcement from the company was regarding the launch of ‘Cubes in the Cloud’ and its first customer – a utility. At the time, Mr. Campbell said “This is an important step forward for CubeLogic and we see SaaS becoming the preferred method of adopting innovative, new technologies. With increased regulation and market volatility, firms need to be agile and use technology which supports their ever-changing business needs. The benefits of deploying software in this way are such that upgrades and changes can be implemented swiftly, there is far less disruption to business-as-usual and costs are reduced. Our particular solution… continue reading
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