Current Dislocation Event will Change the Vendor Landscape

As 2016 winds down to a close, we are beginning to see the undeniable signs of the ‘dislocation event’ that has been occurring for the last 12 to 18-months. What is a dislocation event? Well the model was devised over a decade ago by us and is explained in great detail in our two books on ETRM software that can be purchased on Amazon. However, in short, when events create an environment of change and uncertainty in the market, procurement slows resulting in strains on the various vendors. The fall of commodity prices combined with rising costs and complexities (such as the regulatory demands placed on commodity traders in recent years), has resulted in some changed requirements, uncertainty about requirements, and a need to reduce costs. In turn, this has slowed procurement across almost all CTRM software user segments. The impact that this has is to disrupt the technology adoption curve and essentially create a new market with suddenly changed requirements. The effect on vendors is threefold; 1. Some vendor have the ability – financial, technical and functionally – to wait out the downturn and will survive and thrive in the new market, 2. Some vendors lack the capability to
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