Datapred Targets Energy Procurers with SaaS Solution

It strikes me as an analyst in the space that energy procurement activities at large industrials and other energy-intensive firms are overdue a specific solution. Yes, they could use an ETRM – though that would be overkill in many respects, or they can use a combination of forecasting, optimization and other tools or even rely on spreadsheets. But, in an era of high prices and high volatilities, higher cost of credit and so on, those with significant energy expenses are probably better with a robust and specific solution. Recently, I was contacted by a firm that has ended up providing exactly that sort of solution. Thomas Oriol is a director with Datapred and he was keen to give me some information and a demonstration of its software. Available in the cloud as SaaS and priced to be affordable on a monthly subscription basis, its application certainly seems to have much of what is needed in this context. He told me that Datapred got started in 2017 and is based in Switzerland, but with an office in Paris. It already has twenty customers using various aspects of its solution and sees those customers originating from a variety of segments like larger… continue reading

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