Despite all the Deals, Customer Announcements Remain Difficult

As I reflect on what appears to have been a record year for many CTRM vendors in terms of activity levels and new deals and customers, one thing has not changed and that is the number of official press announced deals. Those remain a pretty small number. The issue seems to be that customers simply do not feel good about endorsing publicly a CTRM software product. The number of conversations I have had with various marketing, sales and Business Development staff at vendors in which they expressed hope of a set of forthcoming press announcements have been many and varied. Yet, many of those announcements never materialised. Some vendors actually have the concept of an official announcement in their license or usage contract for customers. Despite this, many are still unable to gain agreement from customers to write an official announcement complete with quotes from both sides. Instead, analysts are told possibly details under non-disclosure and public discussion is limited to vague terms like, for example, a Dubai-based producer came on board recently. For vendors, the inability to get customers to agree to basic detail press announcements is a bit of a blow. Many vendors are quite small and are locked… continue reading

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