Disaggregation of CTRM

About 3-years ago, Patrick and I were chatting over breakfast at our E-World hotel. We were talking about CTRM in the cloud and about how the industry seemed to be looking for a ‘one-size fits all’ CTRM solution and why this could probably never be achieved. To us, it seemed as if the problem was one of trying to get deep and specific commodity-related functionality across a number of different commodities combined with horizontal functionality like reporting, risk management, regulatory compliance and so on. Can you put all of that in one single solution? If you can, can you support and maintain through what is often massive and sudden changes in the industry? That’s a big ask! Out of that conversation came a whitepaper – CTRM as an Architecture. We had the idea that CTRM needed to be disaggregated and thought of as architecture rather than as an application. We saw the cloud and services as perhaps facilitating some of the drive towards a CTRM architecture. These days, we talk about CTRM as an ecosystem as opposed to architecture, but we mean the same thing. It’s been fun to watch the market and see how others have perhaps had similar… continue reading
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