Disruptive Technology Study

We are now ready to get the disruptive technology study underway with a survey that is ready to be completed on the topic. Over the last year or so, a whole host of potentially disruptive technologies have emerged that may have tremendous impacts on commodity trading and risk management. These join the shift to cloud and software as a service that we have observed taking on greater importance in the delivery of CTRM solutions. Technologies such as blockchain, automated trading, AI and machine learning, big data and social media, microservices and opensource software have all caught the imagination of software providers and industry players over this time period. The recent CTRM Conference focused on these disruptive technologies and their potential impacts and presentations from commodity players such as Alpiq and COFCO only served to suggest an IT revolution is underway towards a more digital commodity enterprise. Similarly, new approaches to software development, implementation and service delivery are also emerging to support these disruptive technologies. ComTech is launching a project to conduct high-level research into industry sentiments around these technologies and approaches in order to gage market interest in technologies and gain insights into which, if any, will play a future
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