Doing Business During the Lockdown – Agiboo

Much to my amazement, Jan van den Brom of Agiboo told me he had actually driven cross border to a customer meeting last month traveling from Agiboo’s Netherland’s base to a customer site in Germany by car. It has been possible for legitimate business reasons in some parts of Europe and having a letter from the plant got him safely through the borders and even a wrong turn through Belgium, he told me. At least the highways were uncrowded he said. Jan also told me that the last 3-4 weeks has been ‘ridiculous’. “It’s like someone pulled a switch,” he told me. “Suddenly, we are inundated with people interested in solutions.” Apparently, there is no discernible pattern to it as he had fielded inquiries about Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar and other softs along with Wool, Meat, Dairy and Emissions. He puts the sudden rush of activity down to people having time on their hands to take a look and also because many are discovering that their current CTRM or spreadsheets do not truly support a work from home business environment. The activity isn’t just tire kicking either. He signed a new customer just last week after a three-week process. As far… continue reading

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