Don’t Forget to Give us Your Opinion!

Every two years since 2004, ComTech or its predecessor has conducted the Vendor Perception Survey. Unlike anything else in the industry, as neutral analysts we get users to tell us who they know of and who they think are the market leaders in categories ranging from CTRM in general to specific commodities in particular. It is unique because it is not an ‘award'(paid advertising usually) and it relies totally on your opinions. We reject vendor responses and any other response that we can’t verify as originating with a user or an influencer (consulting firm etc.). The report gives you a view on who are the most widely known and popular vendors and platforms in the space. We also ask a number of other questions in the survey that include buying and selection criteria and this allows us to track trends in the business. For example, in the most recent study in 2020, the importance of buying from a large well-known vendor declined substantially! We believe that to reflect the greater choice offered via the cloud and a distaste at the time for the M&A activity that was taking place. The report for 2020 is available for free here. The 2020… continue reading

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