Don’t Under Estimate Commodity Trading Complexity

I got off the phone today after introducing a potential investor to the CTRM scene – at least briefly. We do this quite often and often get asked to do due diligence – and even though I say so myself – I think we are the best qualified in the industry to offer that sort of service. But my post call thoughts were on this – a topic that actually didn’t come up during the call…. outsiders see Comtech as straightforward and they do not have an inkling regarding the underlying complexity. Add to that, many of them think you are either somehow old fashioned, nuts or perhaps not broadly experienced enough (or all of the above?) to insist on how complex it is. The question is always – well why does Comtech ‘lag behind’ Fintech and other industries? No matter how much detail you get into, developing an understanding of the complexity of commodities takes months and years not minutes on a phone call and so I guess it’s no surprise that people look at us thinking we are all just a little slow and dumb in this industry. I can’t tell you how many hot shots I have… continue reading
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