Drillinginfo Innovates Curves-as-a-Service Adding Fuel to the Move to Ecosystems

A recent announcement by Drillinginfo caught my interest. It announced something called Curves-as-a-Service. This provides a fully managed forward curve building service designed specifically for energy and commodity companies that can be either integrated with visualization tools, analytics platforms, and other downstream systems,  alternately, it can also be deployed as a standalone solution. The solution “automates the collection of input data, includes the user’s business logic, runs the curve calculations, and distributes the curves to the user’s desired target system in real time with a transparent audit trail and detailed quality checks,” according to the companies press announcement. “CaaS is the newest addition to Drillinginfo’s powerful Commodity Data Solutions suite. It leverages the award-winning MarketView Desktop™ platform and DataGenic CurveBuilder technology to create real-time and end-of-day curves that combine market data and business logic to deliver an unbiased view of an agreed price between the buyers and sellers of a commodity that will be delivered at a future date.  CaaS curves are created and managed by the Drillinginfo’s global Managed Services team that has 10 years of curve-building experience and produces more than 10 million curves every day. Their expertise provides users with an unbiased view of best practices for their curves.” “Providing… continue reading
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