EGSSIS Focused on Continuous Improvement as it Builds Market Share

Last week, I spoke with Dries Lamont and Tom Dufraing, CGO and CEO of EGSSIS, to find out more about the company and its business. One thing I had noted even at E-World looking at their booth, was a change in branding. Dries was quick to tell me about their continuous improvement project which had led to some rebranding, but also was helping ensure that the company met the ‘highest standards’ in many areas. EGSSIS is a Belgian company that according to its website is a “service provider offering gas and power operations and software solutions.” EGSSIS was established in 2008 by people with operational experience gained since 1998 in  European energy markets. It has since expanded to have a presence in the German market via EGSSIS Deutschland GmbH and with representation in Paris. Interestingly and unlike some of its competitors, it has more of a gas focus covering much of Europe and is building up its power side with coverage in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK (Austria and Luxembourg later this year). It already has an impressive list of users and clients many of whom are listed on its website. EGSSIS specializes in flexible 24 by 7 and out of hours dispatching services and… continue reading
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