Eka Digital CM Platform and the changing CTRM technology paradigm

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Manav Garg, CEO & Founder of Eka, to discuss the company’s recent results, announcements and new developments. Referencing recent Eka press releases, Mr. Garg noted that Eka has already closed deals with 16 new customers in just the first half of the year for their Digital Commodity Management (CM) Platform, with 12 of those sales also including the underlying E/CTRM solutions that works on the platform in the form of apps . To support the growth reflected in those new customers numbers, they’ve expanded their workforce by 70 new employees, primarily in the areas of engineering, technical support and customer services. In discussing the success of the Digital CM Platform, Mr. Garg indicated that the buyers of Eka’s solution have been looking for something other than the traditional monolithic solutions that have dominated commodity markets for years. With the Digital CM Platform, he notes that those buyers can easily acquire and quickly deploy only those capabilities that they require for their current business – and in doing so, can potentially realize an almost immediate return on investment…and, as their business grows and evolves, customers can add additional functionality and capabilities… continue reading
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