Enegen See Pros and Cons in Remote Working

I had an interesting conversation with Enegen’s David Calmonson this week. He reports that things may have slowed a little in terms of UK power and software in recent weeks, perhaps as we go into the summer, versus how busy it was a couple of months ago. Despite it getting a little slower, Enegen is involved in a number of ongoing sales opportunities and busy, he told me. Interest in its ATOM product (Trading optimization and Asset Scheduling Software for decentralized Electricity Markets) remains very high, he said.  Indeed, the company is recruiting currently in the areas of business analysts and developers. We discussed various trends and while David sees a general preference for cloud and subscriptions for all its software solutions, he says an exception to that is the Generation Monitoring Module of Genstar4 that displays the ‘contract against actual position’ for the operational staff and is desktop-based as this has been client preference for customization,  responsiveness & general display GUI features.  The Genstar4 suite “helps traders balance their portfolios and generators, aggregators, VLPs, and asset operators to participate in the balancing mechanism and interact with National Grid ESO via EDT, EDL, or Wider Access.” For me though, what… continue reading

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