Enegen Sees Optimization Opportunities

The energy transition has delivered challenges and opportunities and Enegen (formerly Dunstan Thomas Energy) is one company that sees an opportunity. The current trend is to build more, smaller and distributed generation facilities and batteries and this leads to issues in trading around and scheduling so many assets, manual processes that were once sufficient simply break down as the number of assets to be managed increases considerably. On the other hand there are also opportunities like the ability to manage third-party assets, DNO markets, Aggregated Balancing Mechanism Units and so on in the UK specifically. It is here where Enegen feels it has a killer product in ATOM. “ATOM is like multiple virtual power plants that are integrated to work together,” Chris Fisher told me. “You can trade through Atom or direct on the exchange it can then automatically optimize (according to a set of rules) the assets to achieve the greatest return for the entire portfolio.” That flexibility allows companies to fully automate the process for increased efficiency allowing an ability to trade closer to the gate or, set some assets to manual to do something “out of the ordinary,” he told me. “You can just run an asset… continue reading

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