Energy One Announced as Break sponsor at CTRM Conference

Energy One Ltd has become a break sponsor of the 2017 CTRM Conference. Energy One Limited is a supplier of software products and services to Asia Pacific;s wholesale energy, environmental and carbon trading markets. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EOL) since 2007, but with more than 10 years of market experience, Energy One has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, practical solutions to Australian and international energy market customers. The wholesale energy market is complex, incorporating the trading of physical energy (gas and electricity) with the requirement to capture and settle contracts for hedging, trading and risk managements purposes as well as a vast array of wholesale operations needs such as electricity bidding, gas nominations, pipeline logistics and environmental compliance management. Our integrated Wholesale Energy Trading Suite makes all this possible by incorporating best-of-breed system modules to provide a single platform solution to enable generators, retailers, producers, shippers and traders to manage their entire wholesale trading portfolio, specifically: Energy Trading and management/” title=”View all articles about Risk Management here”>Risk Management (ETRM) for deal capture, risk and settlements – for Electricity, Gas and Environmental products including carbon. Physical Energy (Spot)Trading for all formalised markets for gas and electricity Wholesale market operations, gas nominations, contract and network
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Energy One Announced as Break sponsor at CTRM Conference. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.