Energy One, Contigo and eZ-nergy – Everything to play for?

Late on December 23rd, Energy One signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of eZ-nergy. Energy One already owns UK-based Contigo, a leading solutions provider in the UK power and gas space, so the addition of eZ-nergy, with their continental European energy presence provides considerable synergies, and appears to position Energy One as a formidable emerging competitor in the broader European energy markets. eZ-nergy is a French vendor that has established itself over the last few years in the operations, scheduling and logistics side of power and gas in Europe and has recently entered the algo trading area. Established in 2013, eZ-nergy is headquartered in Paris and has 44 customers in 8 countries and a staff of 20. Its software suite includes the modules eZ-Ops balancing, eZ-Ops scheduling and eZ-Ops automated trading all running under a single UI. The company’s business model is interesting in that it not only offers software but will also use that software to manage operations on behalf of its clients. Contigo (acquired by Energy One in 2018) offers enTrader, an ETRM solution as well as enVoy, a solution designed to manage UK ECVN, EDT and EDL Physical Notifications and bid-offer submissions, as well as… continue reading
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