Energy One Europe Emerging as A New European Brand in ETRM

Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS are all to be slowly rebranded to Energy One Europe over the next several months according to Simon Wheeler, CEO, Energy One Europe. “The eZ and EGSSIS transition project has kicked off,” he told me. While both sets of products will be supported going forward, the longer-term objective is to utilize the eZ platform whilst bringing over EGSSIS functionalities – particularly for natural gas where it is stronger. “The teams are working really well together,” said Simon. Over the next several months, rebranding will start to occur although the product names will not change. Meanwhile, Simon points to the success of the two companies coming together and consolidating their software pointing to at least two new customer sign ups a month for the software. “We are transitioning, hiring, growing and still acquisitive for the right opportunity,” Simon told me. Indeed, the company has been hiring rapidly and still has several open positions to fill. At Contigo, several larger projects have been successfully implemented with happy customers at major installations. Looking forward, Simon noted that there are several opportunities out there yet to decide despite the well-known difficulties in the UK market around energy price volatility and… continue reading

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