Energy One Group to acquire eZ-nergy – Initial Thoughts

Just before Christmas, I got an announcement in my email. Energy One Group had agreed to buy eZ-nergy was the announcement. We hope to talk with Energy One early in the New Year but I thought in the quiet between Christmas and New Year, I’d write a few words about the acquisition. Energy One, for those unfamiliar, is the leading Australian vendor of ETRM and related software with quite a presence in those markets. It is also a public company. Around a year ago, Energy One also acquired UK-based ETRM vendor Contigo which has a strong and growing presence in UK and European energy markets. eZ-nergy is a French supplier of logistics software that has also recently got into the short-term power and gas trading space and also offers logistics as a service using its own software. As the announcement notes, Contigo and eZ-nergy have already worked together for some time and in that process have done a lot of work to unify and bring the products together. To ComTech, this is an acquisition that makes perfect sense. While Contigo has a logistics product for UK markets, it doesn’t have anything for the broader European markets and that is why… continue reading
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