Energy One’s enFlow Deployed for Battery Optimization in Australia

With the energy transition, batteries have become an important asset on the grid to supply some capability to store excess power to use when needed. Needless to say, software to optimize the operation of batteries and dispatch of power from them, has become increasingly needed as well. One vendor that has been working in this area is Energy One in Australia. The Australian power market is a gross pool market with 5-minute settlement increments. It is energy only with no associated capacity market and so prices can be volatile, I was told by Energy One’s Ross Attrill. Australia has also been leading the way to some extent deploying very sizeable battery assets. “Some big batteries have gone in with some 656 MW of grid scale batteries already operating and over 140 battery projects in the pipeline,” Ross told me. “It’s a very interesting area to deal with as batteries are also going into the distribution side, for example. So, we have applied our process optimization tool, enFlow, to this problem.” According to Energy One’s website, enFlow is “a platform for automating and managing business processes and for integrating systems. It has been specifically designed for the energy industry supporting operation,… continue reading

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