It Just Got Very Busy!

This last week, things got very busy all of a sudden with multiple projects and a host of news and follow up calls to schedule. One thing we are working on is the 2016 Vendor Perception Study which looks really good with a lot of quality data behind it and a whole host of white papers, work on the CTRM Conference and other items. Meanwhile, there was an acquisition in the space in which VuePoint Solutions acquired Energy Alert and I will be talking to VuePoint on Friday to get more background on this transaction. However, according to the press announcement, Mark Taylor, MD of VuePoint Solutions believes that “the VuePoint range of services are designed to enable you to make quicker, better informed decisions, allowing you to optimise your positions and portfolios and to stay ahead of the competition.  By Incorporating Energy Alert’s extensive trading and risk management experience in UK gas and power markets and provision of additional broker data, we can help to further improve the utility procurement performance of our customers. Bringing together of the two companies, coupled with the launch of our services on Thompson Reuters means we are able to provide a holistic capability that we

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