OpenLink Capturing European Power & Gas Mid-Tier Market Share

Over the last 12-months or so, OpenLink has announced a string of (for it) rather untypical license deals in the middle tier in European power and gas, including firms like Romande Energie, MET group, Energy Delivery Solutions, and several others. In fact, it has announced some six such deals in the last year according to Harry Nota, Head of Energy for the EMEA region, with several others as yet unannounced. According to Mr. Nota, a combination of drivers has made the European power & gas market an attractive proposition with good demand levels. These drivers include a shift towards shorter-term trading, increased portfolio diversity with different forms of generation assets and a range of fuels and hedging needs, additional compliance with regulations such as REMIT, and investment by larger European utilities in Asian-Pacific concerns requiring greater oversight of activities. The combination of these four trends and the massive changes that they are, in part, driving means that European power & gas companies increasingly need to ensure that they have the right systems in place to manage both transactions and exposures. As Mr. Nota explained, a mid-tier players’ operating environment and business processes are often no less complex than that of

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