EnergyOne Sees Good Synergy in eZ-nergy Acquisition

A while ago, I spoke with Shaun Ankers, CEO of Energy One about its acquisition of eZ-nergy. He started out on a cautionary note talking about how in a number of instances, valuations and deals were simply too expensive, in his opinion, primarily as a result of strong private equity interest and that Energy One, a public company, was a more cautious acquirer. “We have to be careful and go slowly as we don’t compete with private equity on an ‘at any price’ basis. For PE and VC it’s all about money whereas for us, it has to be about synergy and controlled growth” he told me. “We need to stay focused on our business and we saw in eZ-nergy a complimentary business with a management team that wanted the backing to grow their business to the next level.” EZ-nergy was already well known to Energy One’s UK-based Contigo entity as they had routinely partnered with each other for several years and therefore an existing relationship existed along with some integration infrastructure. It seemed like a logical choice to us at ComTech as a result. With Contigo strong in the UK and eZ-nergy strong in Europe, there is a good… continue reading
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