Enuit Adds C-Level Focus

In mid-June, Enuit announced a management team reshuffle as a part of several structural changes and initiatives to support the company’s growth. This involved introducing a C-Level structure underneath the CEO and the President that is made up of new CPO, CIO and COO positions going forward. David Rao, Chunxing Shen and Ganesh Natarajan occupy those positions respectively. As a follow up, I talked to all three to learn a little more about their new roles and what it may mean for Enuit and its customers. The CIO role was created mostly to support external hosting services Mr. Shen told me. It also includes internal IT management, controls, and global consolidation of dev. Ops. “The most critical right now is the external hosting services area,” he told me. “We have seen tremendous growth in hosting our software for customers who increasingly want their vendor to provide a turnkey solution. There are numerous challenges with this including our global customer base albeit with local data requirements and restrictions as well as a constant vigilance around security. My focus is on coordinating resources across the company internally and with our external partners for hosting and other services.” Cloud  hosting and managed services… continue reading

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