Enuit Expands Customer base and Staffing

Ganesh Natarajan, Enuit’s COO, is a busy man and plainly enjoying it. I managed to grab a little of his time last week for a catch up on his and Enuit’s activities. Enuit has had a pretty good year to date, he told me. Already it has around half a dozen deals in the bag outside of China and several of them very large important deals too, he told me. Two had just closed including a large European utility that was going to be using Entrade for generation fuels like coal, LNG and so on and the other a large petrochemicals concern. “We are seeing a lot of traction on the petrochemicals and oil side at the moment,” he told me. “LNG, base metals and coal are all also in demand and picking up.” He fully expects more good news before the year is up. Enuit has also successfully completed some very major implementations this year. ITOCHU Corporation has gone live with their ENTRADE implementation supporting fuel requirements in their Singapore subsidiary, ITOCHU Petroleum Co., (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. It also took Kogas International live in just 10-weeks covering its LNG import business, as well as a major Japanese minerals and… continue reading

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