Enuit Hiring, Growing, and Focused on Next Version

Ganesh Natarajan of Enuit says that the vendor is growing. It is hiring staff and seeking to work with more consulting firms in a partnership role, he told me. “The company is hiring globally but particularly in the US and UK,” he said. In part, this is driven by its success in signing new customers and partly to satisfy development work. To aid in sales and in serving customers, Enuit is also adding more account managers and is recruiting there as well as in development and technical consulting. Entrade 7 is the next version of its software platform and it is well advanced in terms of work, he told me. This updated version will benefit from added microservices layers and other new technologies with an emphasis on ensuring a smooth upgrade for customers. On the new customer front, it has recently signed and implemented a new LNG customer in the US going live with the basic system in just seven weeks. It is currently working on the next phase of implementation and doing more integration work with the customer. It is also shortly going live with a European LNG major in a few weeks. “We see lots of pull around… continue reading

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