Enuit Quietly Building Global Presence

Enuit recently set up an office in the UK headed by Ganesh Natarajan along with half a dozen other employees. Last week, Patrick and I had a chat with David Meyers, Enuit’s President, to see how things were going generally and specifically in Europe. Enuit has just had a major Japanese client go live with ENTRADE® for its iron ore and coal businesses and is now working to implement several other metal commodities including base and precious metals and concentrates, he told us. The customer had previously been using spreadsheets primarily and the one-year long project had been quite challenging but very rewarding. “The customer is very pleased and using ENTRADE® in a production environment. The London team is now working through the roadmap for the next phase of the project.” Interestingly, the implementation involves multiple interfaces to SAP as each customer office uses a different SAP instance for different operations. Enuit has made good progress in metals, joining a lengthening list of new CTRM entrants into metals, minerals and concentrates. David explained that Enuit now has several Asian customers using ENTRADE® for metals in China and Japan as well as a customer in North America. David sees growing demand… continue reading
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