Enuit Sees Metals Opportunity

Earlier this week, I spoke with Virgil Cai, the product development manager at Enuit about its metals’ capabilities. Enuit has apparently been hard at work bolstering the functionality for metals like Iron Ore and concentrates. It is also responding to trends in the metals market, he told me. “There is widespread uncertainty and volatility in the markets right now due primarily to the Russia-Ukraine war,” he said. “Add to that the ongoing COVID situation in China where lock downs continue to disrupt steel making and other activities.” Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are seeing huge volatility and price movements. So, price risk is an area of interest and one in which Enuit has been working to deliver new capabilities. In the price risk area, one of the things that Enuit has addressed is cash flow and how to break it down and re-aggregate so it can be better managed. “Iron Ore, for example, has so many moving parts and a systematic approach is needed. Now, users can break cash flows down into different components and they have the flexibility to decide how to break down the components and aggregate them later.”  As China is a key market for the iron… continue reading

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