Enuit Targets Europe

Recently, I spent some time with Enuit CEO Ken Han and President David Meyers who started Enuit as a commodity agnostic product company focused initially on US natural gas and power. Enuit has opened a London office, hired a team of industry veterans and is targeting CTRM opportunities globally. In 2014, Enuit expanded into Asia and added a bulk commodities focus including metals, ores, LNG, Oil and so on. In Asia, Enuit started to work with a lot of international trading companies for their local desks. However, these companies soon began to see that the Enuit Entrade product could also meet their business requirements in other locations like London. In particular, Mr Han pointed to how this had started with a major trader in metals, but Enuit had also seen similar success in oil as well. In a sense, it seems that Enuit has had a presence in Europe for some time. “We originally thought the UK office would be just another office,” he told me. “However, it has its own back office for invoicing and accounting, and quite independent operations as it turns out. We believe Entrade can cover the bulk commodity CTRM needs in Europe and globally.” Indeed,… continue reading
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