Enverus’ CurveBuilder – Raising the bar on forward curve development

As we’ve noted many times on this site in multiple blog posts and reports, data is both the lifeblood and a scourge for energy trading companies.  With new sources of data (new markets, new trading locations and points, new systems, new assets, etc.) constantly increasing in number and tenor, the ability to capture, validate, visualize and analyze data has become even more challenging, but also more necessary than ever as trading margins tighten and profits become even less predictable.  Data and new sources of data have become even more important as COVID-19 lockdowns have shift and/or destroyed demand meaning that historical trends may no longer apply. Fortunately, there are new tools and capabilities being brought to market to help not only managing this flood of data, but also to analyze and find additional value in it.  Enverus’ CurveBuilder is one of those tools and we recently had the chance to catch up with Wendi Orlando, VP of Product Management, Trading and Risk at Enverus to get a demo of the company’s latest iteration of Enverus’ web-based forward curve building and analytics solution, CurveBuilder. Enverus’ offerings for the trading and risk space are buttressed by their MarketView data offering and CurveBuilder,… continue reading

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