Enverus Trading & Risk Helps Users Excel

Such is the trader’s love affair with Excel that many vendors in commodities have ensured that data can be pushed out to Excel and back from their application at the push of a button. Enverus though have gone a step or two further with the introduction of MarketView ExcelTools, as we discovered on a recent briefing call with the company. Enverus was formerly DrillingInfo and Enverus Trading and Risk is the business unit focused on delivering the “timely and specialized data and insights needed to get ahead; information and flexibility to validate opinions and size the opportunities found,” according to its website. MarketView is a well-known product in the industry, and it “offers a suite of industry-leading solutions that help energy and commodity companies to access, analyze, and deliver information in a timely and flexible way.  It provided traders, risk managers, IT, analysts, and executives with a unified data management platform,” Wendi Orlando, VP Product Management Trading & Risk  told us. MarketView ExcelTools allows traders and analysts more flexibility in performing data analysis in a tool that is integrated into MarketView Desktop. “It allows traders and analysts the ability to access and embed proprietary and third-party datasets into spreadsheets for… continue reading
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