ETRM – Live in concert!

It’s been a few weeks since I put virtual pen to paper to entertain the masses. I’ve been occupied with other work activities and a family overseas wedding, which was great fun. I wrote a blog on the ETRM Oscars, you may recall. I’m not hugely into films – sport (watching football & playing tennis) and music are really my things. I particularly like going to rock concerts although the appearance of certain MPs at the recent Glastonbury music festival have nearly put me off attending any more concerts in case they show up at these – in which case I imagine I would get thrown out for indescribably bad language  – if not worse! When I was in my teens, I was particularly keen on the classic rock artists like Led Zep, Deep Purple, ACDC, Quo, the Who etc. and in fact my taste hasn’t changed one iota. Although I have added Bruce Springsteen to the list (right at the top, as it happens) and have been lucky enough to see him ‘live’ nine times so far and Oasis as they are Man City fans (and their music is excellent too, of course) I was pondering on how we
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