European Short-Term Power Trading Solutions Update

It has been a while since we wrote about European short-term power solutions although, to be fair, we have created a couple of CTRMRadio podcasts on and around the topic with some really good content from people like Jurgen Meyerhoffer who is now CEO of Enspired Trading but was previously CEO at what was Visotech, Chris Regan who heads up Brady’s Energy Product Portfolio and Johann Zamboni of eZ-nergy.  Meanwhile, much has evolved in intraday power markets. According to the Next-Kraftwerke website, intraday trading is defined as follows, “Intraday power trading refers to continuous buying and selling of power at a power exchange that takes place on the same day as the power delivery. In Europe, the largest intraday power exchanges are the EPEX Spot (European Power Exchange Spot Market) in Paris and the Nord Pool. It can also take place in an OTC trade (over the counter), which means off-market contracts negotiated between power buyers and sellers. This is also known as the short-term wholesale power market, especially in contrast to long-term power trading on the power futures market.” They also aadd that “expansions to the stock markets that have taken place since 2010 mean trades are no longer limited to a single country. Instead, they can be executed… continue reading

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