eZ-nergy Tackles Operations in Europe

From time to time, we find a vendor that was previously unknown to us. About a year ago, we came across a vendor called eZ-nergy because of their partnership with UK-based ETRM vendor Contigo. eZ-nergy offer a range of software products and services but in the context of the Contigo relationship, it its logistics solution that was of primary interest. With coverage of multiple European power and gas markets for nominations, eZ-nergy offers an alternative to other solutions on the market or a homegrown approach with it’s in the cloud software. In fact, as I learned this week, eZ-nergy also provides 24 by 7 operational services using its own software solution and so is in fact both vendor and user. eZ-nergy is a five-year-old company based in Paris, CEO and Co-founder Johann Zamboni, told me, and already has over 40 customers across Europe. Its strategy was to focus on the logistics and operations area where there is significant complexity and where expertise is needed. The company has little interest in the broader ETRM software market other than the fact that it always has to plug its logistics solution into whatever ETRM(s) its customers use. For Mr. Zamboni, there is sufficient
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eZ-nergy Tackles Operations in Europe. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.