Factum Ltd. Sponsors CTRMConference Opening Reception

Consulting company, Factum Ltd., has kindly agreed to sponsor the opening reception of the 2016 CTRM Conference in London on the evening of October 26th (The CTRM Conference takes place on October 27th). Factum Ltd’s mission is to partner with clients and transform their business from within. It realizes that for our clients to remain competitive in their market, it must employ its capabilities at the very core of their organization and ensure they continue to build on a solid foundation. It offers services ranging from change & transformation to documentation to its clients out of offices in the UK and USA. We thank them for their support. The opening reception is a fairly informal affair at the bar of the event hotel that takes place from 6 to 9pm the evening prior to the CTRM Conference. It is a great opportunity to network and catch up with other delegates and is also good fun! We hope to see you both at the CTRM Conference and the opening reception. The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software category and will take place on the 27th October in London. It brings together end
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