Fendahl CTRM Technology Benefiting from Strong Demand

It’s been a busy summer for Fendahl CTRM Technology, according to Mr. Henry Thornalley, who I spoke with last week. Fendahl has signed several deals on the last few months including a Canadian mining company, a Vietnamese oil company and also Euronav, the world’s largest crude oil shipper. The company also has a very full pipeline and is expecting to announce several more deals in the coming weeks in areas like dairy, container shipments, and food and beverage, he told me. “We are also seeing a quite a bit of interest in metals where there may be a replacement market developing.” Fendahl is also seeing plenty of activity in the market these days. Henry reported that before the summer, all of that activity seemed to be in Europe, whereas since summer it is largely in Asia with a few things happening in the USA. “We are seeing the usual interest from smaller businesses largely driven by bank pressure, as well as quite a few larger businesses that are currently using inappropriate solutions or tools and need to adopt more rigorous processes and software,” he told me. ”A lot of companies using manual processes are being pushed to the surface by… continue reading
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