Fendahl Sees North America as a Key Market for Growth

Michael Snayd has been in the energy and commodities trading business for a couple of decades or so already and has worked with quite a few systems in North America in that time. Last year, he joined Fendahl and is now leading its North America efforts. “I was impressed with the customer referencability,” he told me. “The product technical architecture was also a factor as it is a modern technology, cloud-based, Microsoft stack that also means the cost of the solution is lower for customers.” Since joining, he has overseen the addition of two new customers with a third about to come onboard. Fendahl’s focus on North America is on oil and gas. The two recent wins have been on the natural gas side, but oil and refined products are also in the frame. An imminent ags and softs deal where Fendahl is replacing a legacy solution will further the cause as well, he told me. “Two wins in the last 4-months with a third coming at the end of the month is an exciting start to my tenure here.” The sales funnel is strong apparently with opportunities in oil & gas and refined products primarily. Michael has also hired… continue reading