FIS Cloud Strategy Includes XDM

FIS is also targeting the energy retail and industrials segments, especially in Europe, according to Ms. Irina Reitgruber, FIS’ product manager for market risk and Solution Owner of European Energy, who we spoke to recently about its strategy in energy & commodities. FIS has a dual product strategy essentially with Aligne and XDM. It is XDM that FIS primarily targets at these two market segments. “XDM is strong in classical portfolio management, EDM, scheduling and smart decision support,” she told us. “FIS sees XDM as the perfect retail portfolio management solution as it can be provided in the cloud even in a multi-tenanted environment.” Indeed, ComTech knows of European retailers that have adopted XDM for these reasons. FIS will continue to standardize the software specifically for these markets in order to minimize implementation costs. While XDM suits the retail branch of larger organizations with complex workflows (e.g. support of offering and approval processes, EDM etc.), it also can be a cost-effective solution for  small start-up companies with retail or production business, as a cloud offering and – combined with FIS’ security layer  – hybrid cloud offering, as XDM Select – a low-cost solution for companies entering the market. XDM in… continue reading
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