FIS Kiodex Focus on Food & Beverage segment pays off

FIS Kiodex continues to report a robust pipeline for their software particularly in the food & beverage space; where it has been focused in recent times adding physical ags and other functionality to meet the needs of this important industry segment. It has also invested in hedge accounting to IFRS9 standards, Brian Quinn of FIS told me recently. Since we last spoke in October, FIS Kiodex added 3 more new names to its growing user base including a food company, a bank and a hedge fund to make a total of 14 new names for the 12-month period. On the physical ags side, Kiodex has added a lot of functionality including the ability to capture the whole workflow and it now goes deeper into procurement with SKU tracking. Formula pricing is being rolled out along with a widget that allows users to do automated pricing for things like dairy products and so on. It also handles accumulator contracts which are often used in the Food & Beverage segment (essentially a contract in which the seller agrees to deliver a specified quantity of a commodity or other asset to the buyer at a pre-determined price on a series of specified accumulation dates over… continue reading
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