FIS Leverages its Risk Capabilities

I spoke recently with Ms. Irina Reitgruber, Energy Product Manager for FIS, recently and caught up on a couple of initiatives FIS is engaged in on the energy side. Ms. Reitgruber has been quite busy as FIS has seen demand for its energy solutions picking up signing a number of ‘large’ deals in the USA last year. “We don’t see as much activity in Europe,” she reports. “Mostly what we see in Europe is smaller and the activity is more focused on intraday markets or in looking for logistics solutions.” However, it have seen demand for its cloud-based XDM software particularly on the retail side of things and a subsequent article will look at that in more detail. A significant focus of her attention is the FIS’ initiative to leverage product synergies across the company since it has a number of overlapping solutions for financial services, energy and commodities such as FrontArena and Adaptiv, for example. Both of these products are used extensively for commodity trading in cross-asset businesses and have proven their capabilities. FIS sees itself as a global leader in risk with such a significant presence across the space. Adaptiv for example, she told us, is already used… continue reading
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