Five Years of CTRMRadio

I was looking back this morning and the first episode of CTRMRadio went out 5-years ago. We innovated podcasting in the space and continue to do so with our latest CTRMRadio issued this morning as episode 37. These days, the podcast is available across a wide range of platforms including Soundcloud, Apple, Spotify and more including and it gets between 600-1000 listens per episode across all platforms. We are already planning episode 38. We have covered all manner of topics and usually follow a format in which we interview a number of industry people around the topic. Catch the latest – What’s Behind the Metals CTRM and CM Software Explosion. Amphora’s recent announcement of Alchemy – a new concentrates solution – was the latest in a series of new entries into the metal CTRM and CM space. From a situation where most metals companies had a choice of two or three potential solutions, we now appear to have a growing and varied list of potential solutions. What’s driving that explosion of metals-related solutions and are these solutions really up to the job? We talked to Amphora’s David Glasspool to learn a bit about Alchemy and what the opportunity that… continue reading

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