Friday the 13th

As I started the week with a blog saying it will be a hell of a week ending in Friday 13th, I thought I’d just add a note today on the 13th. Here, in the Czech Republic there are 117 known infections but the Government has been very proactive in order to try to flatten the distribution curve and reach an inflection point in what starts to look like an exponential curve with this virus in most locations. Schools were closed earlier and yesterday, the borders with Austria and Germany were more or less closed except for several points for freight. The Slovak Republic has sealed its borders so that means there is no movement south either. We are effectively locked in. Additionally, all recreational facilities are now shut indefinitely, public gatherings limited to 30 people and restaurants and pubs closed at 8pm. No one except Czech citizens and permanent residents are allowed in. There is more. Most sports are stopped. International trains etc. will stop. Most people still go to the office to work but many firms have extended home working. The biggest issue is what to do with bored kids at home….. And so we will see if… continue reading
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