Friday Thoughts

It’s been another interesting week as an analyst observing the market. Total chaos in the market, but the dollar is strong while many commodity prices fall led by oil. I can’t say I have seen a big drop in retail gas prices here in the Czech Republic – not yet, but then I’m in lockdown mode so I have barely left my apartment. I have talked to quite a lot of vendors and colleagues over the course of the week and everyone appears to be adapting quite well if I am honest. We are preparing a CTRMRadio podcast for next week on CTRM software vendors and their continuity plans, but many have already come out with Coronavirus guidance. Mostly, vendors are conducting business virtually. Staff are home-based and are able to work with clients or each other via remote access, video calls and so on. Brady are even having virtual coffee breaks for staff to encourage interaction. Talking with Gen10, it was pointed out that everything could be handled remotely and virtually with ease except perhaps sales where that personal connection was more difficult. It had even implemented a client recently with virtually no interaction at all – all done… continue reading
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