Gen10 Customer Gets Vocal About its Implementation of CommOS

These days it seems harder than ever for a CTRM vendor to gain approval from any customer to get out an announcement regarding selection or implementation – even if that announcement is a part of the sales contract. The truth is that many firms are simply unwilling to be public about its choice of CTRM solution. So I was a little surprised by a web page on Corrie MacColl’s website I was pointed to recently in which the company discuss the importance of its Gen10 selection. The page shares the fact that the Gen10 implementation has gone live and that 110 users are on the platform. “We’re pleased to share that Gen10 has launched! This new commodity management software will allow over 110 employees spanning 10 cities across the Corrie MacColl group to align working practices and reporting, and fits into our wider aim of bringing  digital innovation to the natural rubber industry. Within just 3 weeks in October, we implemented Gen10’s ‘CommOS’ software in the Centrotrade office in Virginia, U.S.A and then continued rolling out the system into each office on a month-by-month timeline. The China office’s January installation has been temporarily postponed but we hope to launch it soon. Going forward, an internal Gen10 helpdesk… continue reading
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