Gen10 Delivers First trade finance repo deal done on blockchain in the metals industry

Over the last couple of years, Gen10 has more or less completely reinvented itself. This was confirmed in the last call that I had with CEO Richard Williamson. Founded in 2000, Gen10 has delivered many projects across the commodities space. These days, Gen10 is focused on collaborative commodity management technology and it has built out a fairly complete approach to delivering on this vision, perhaps building on the insights and expertise gained over the last 19-years working across the space. “The commodity and raw materials trade and its service providers need to drive down costs, create value from data and innovate. They are struggling with digital transformation. Tighter margins and democratized market data are forcing companies to transform their internal processes and to seek collaborative industry solutions with online platform and blockchain initiatives,” Richard told me. In a recent briefing call, Richard alerted us about Gen10’s role in the consortium founded by Rabobank, Aon, Concord Resources, Pacorini Global Services and Gen10. Gen10 is the technology and project lead that is creating an ecosystem of focused, fast-to-market, dApps that deliver efficiencies, control and innovation without requiring majority industry adoption. “Gen10’s technology, processes and experience are the key to the consortium’s ability… continue reading
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