Gen10 Geared up for Decentralization

In a recent set of conversations with Gen10, we discussed the so-called 3D trends of decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization in commodities. A previous blog dealt with Gen10’s views on decarbonization. In this article, I cover the discussion with Gen10’s Richard Williamson about decentralization and its impacts in the CTRM/CM software category especially in the light of lockdowns and a home-based workforce. “In terms of resources, hardware, and getting the software to each individual workstation or office location, then Cloud-based SaaS is definitely the trend,” he told me. “ The advantages have long been proven in terms of cost savings in infrastructure, maintenance and support in-house, in terms of security of data and access to it, business continuity and disaster recovery; not only does it deliver on the promises above, but it also creates an environment for accelerated innovation – tapping into services like satellite data and mapping, APIs to leverage and integrate with a wider ecosystem. As an example, it took us around two weeks to provide vessel tracking functionality integrated with Google Maps to our logistics module. Prior to the move to the internet/cloud, such a task would not have been contemplated, let alone feasible. So the value it… continue reading

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