Gen10 – Innovating for Success

Gen10 seem to be thriving with remote implementations under these trying lockdown conditions. Richard Williamson, CEO of Gen10, was in a good mood when we spoke last week. “Four new deals,” he said. “And two of them already implemented remotely.” The deals he refers to are across the board both in terms of commodity class and geography, trading refined metals, petrochemicals and oil, rubber and textiles/chemicals, he told me, in the USA, Singapore, UK and Switzerland, including Integra Global Petrochemicals and Southland Rubber USA. Of the four, two were already shopping for a system prior to COVID-19, but the other two came to the market seeking software as a result of the lockdowns. “It’s great to see the sales and implementation cycle shortening. Collaboration across a distributed and home-based workforce is now critical,” he said. “What’s really nice about it is that they are working better together now than they did prior to COVID-19 even though they work from home.” Richard is adamant that there has been a sea change in CTRM and CM software. “It doesn’t have to take as long or cost as much as it used to. And we can prove it! Those days are gone now.… continue reading

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