Gen10 Innovating with Collaborative Supply Chain Apps and Ecosystem Approach

I recently wrote about Richard Williamson (CEO of Gen10) and his vision of developing an ecosystem of applications in and around the commodity supply chain. In fact, the Gen10 approach is interesting and somewhat innovative in that it focuses on the collaborative aspects of commodity supply chains seeking to optimize and enhance interactions between the various involved parties as well as help manage that supply chain. I got an update on that strategy this week from Mr. Williamson in which he described some of those initiatives to me. The scope of Gen10’s activities are, as may be expected in this context, quite broad – procurement, online trading, trade finance, marine insurance, due diligence and governance, surveys and inspections, collateral management to name a few. However, this is a strength of the ecosystem approach versus the more traditional CTRM or Commodity Management software model where a single, large, and customizable application is built to meet all needs and then must be sold multiple times in order to stay in business. Instead, focused and collaborative applications can be deployed as needed, to potentially solve the problem in a more agile and incremental manner. “If the future will be full of blockchains, people… continue reading
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