Gen10 Sees Collaboration and Cloud as Key Sales Drivers

According to Gen10’s CEO, Richard Williamson, there certainly has been an uptick in interest in CM and CTRM solutions during the lockdown period. However, he also credits Gen10’s messaging which he believes has been helpful in turning interest into action pointing to both its new website and its blogging approach that emphasizes ‘enabling collaboration and sensible controls.’ “It’s all driving people to make inquiries,” he said. “The pipeline is filling and it’s all very encouraging.” Richard did have one area of concern, and that is how commodities organizations safely and effectively recruit, onboard and train new hires. “Hiring is more problematic now. How do you onboard new hires and so on?” he asked. For Gen10 users, Richard suggested that its solution features comprehensive workflows so that “people can get up to speed faster and new hires can learn from the embedded workflow, which means they are following company processes by default and enjoy enhanced monitoring of tasks, deadlines and activity.” From an implementation perspective Gen10 have long “had the target of 100% remote implementations as a core element of their cloud strategy. That’s when you know you have a scalable business, and we are very happy to have finally had… continue reading

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